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Cataloguing real estate, photographic monitoring construction sites

A photo talk more than a long speech. Bad photos can make you lose all credibility.

Do not take risks.
 Do photograph your construction site or your property from a professional real estate photographer.

Links on his web page redirect to, the site on which I present my real estate photographer activity (in French).

Photographic Cataloguing to sell or rent house, studio, apartment, bed and breakfast, cottage, loft, hotel, etc. :

- Call out a real estate photographer allow you to generating more impact by presenting good quality photos.

- Stand out in your ads showing pictures of bright, professional-quality presenting your property in its best angle.

- During his research, a prospect spends about 60% of his time looking at the photos, 20% on the characteristics and 20% in the descriptive text. Attract his look is essential , knowing he spends less than 20 seconds at an ad.

  Private person or Professional, optimise your communication medium entrusting to an eye specialist who will work framing, light, staging through a specific professional equipment and a data processing adapted ensuring perfect photos !

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Photographic monitoring of construction or renovation site of individual house, building, public building, work of art, etc. :

- Keep traces of the photographic work of documenting each stage of construction.

- Confirm the deadlines by visually building dating stages.

- Show a good progress of the site, ideal for sale off-plan and with distant investors.

  Auto builder, architect , developer, contractor, working with a real estate photographer offer a jewel case for your achievements.

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Examples of prices :

(VAT. non apply, article 293 b from tax code)

Number of photos depend of type and area of the property, generally 1 to 4 photos by room or space.

                              - Studio to T2 120 Euros                             

                              - T3 to T5 160 Euros                             

- Big apartments and villas with garden 220 Euros

Construction sites monitoring :

- Half day : 250 Euros, day : 500 Euros.


Click on the  photos to see the corresponding catalogue for those samples of realisations.
Photos catalogue of an apartment   Photographic monitoring of a renovation site
Cataloguing "rue de la république" for ANF Marseille   Construction of palace of ice and board sports
Cataloguing booths in a professional show   Requalification of "place Louise Michel", Marseille
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