Arnaud Leduc, art photographer






Art belongs to the one who sees it, but its sometimes hard to access it !!
Within the pretext of art, some websites are only a gateway to charged sites drowned in links, to websites from authors or passionates happy to see their work appreciated, or so they believe !! During your surf you'll be lead to click on them, and sometimes download surtaxed connexion plug ins, or even worse a virus, without any consciousness of having done that and when you want to close the window you will expose yourself to the webmaster fury and see an infinity of windows pop up:  sometimes the only alternative is to restart your computer.
Be clever, and just as you don't open your door to the miracle product salesperson, be able to detect those sites which promise too much to be true.

Attention : not all charged sites are dishonest, and many deserve subscription for their editorial content as it's done for a magazine.


La Musardine site in french online shopping

The first photo support is paper, honnour to the famous erotic bookshop in Paris, which is so popular on the web.


UPP site in french

"Union  of Professional Photographs", a professional association of which I'm a member. Copyrights, iniquitous contracts with some agencies or publishers (give us all your work in exchange for nothing, or next to nothing, and die in silence; but be quick because a dead artist makes more profit), and social status constitutes their daily fight. And it's become worse since bill G put his hands, or rather his octets into an agency, because the internet whithout content doesn't generate any profit. O brother, where art thou.


SAIF site in french

"Society of the authors of visual arts and fixed images" in charge of collective administration and sharing out of the copyrights stemmed from photocopies, broadcast, etc... due to the authors.


Studio Aza site en francais

Photo lab . A team of artisans in the nobility of the term , not a soulless factory . Here we take the time to listen to beginners and experienced photographers, even over the phone , to discuss the art without haughty prejudices ... Quality Prints at very fair prices , where others are content to sell you always of paper.