Arnaud Leduc, art photographer





To learn a little about me.

   My photos are as I see life, in colour, without wild optimism, it's just a logic observation.
 Colour, natural, combines millions.
The artificial duo of black and white, a trio with grey, ad to often to my taste a dramatic note, "artistic", luring the view who does not see transposition of reality.
Colours, framing, "expression" of the subject do the  image, where dialectic and semantic make a text with a sequence of words. If it's known a basic recipe gives simple satisfaction, I get much better pleasure from a more complex mix of multiple ingredients. A more interesting challenge, isn't it?
The paradox of life is that there is also black and white on the site...

Self-educated photographer, I started photographing, to keep a trace, as my father did so well with his Kodak Pocket. I was then encouraged by positive reviews on my "look"

Do not research my photographic portrait here, there is none.
First, my self portraits not like me, classical, and I am rarely taken into picture because I prefer to do it...
Then there is no link between what I look like and my work, and it is not for my grey-green eyes that we appeal to me, even if they are very beautiful from my mother...