Arnaud Leduc, art photographer





Become a contributor


If the idea of becoming my model, suits you, you have to know that my preference goes to a pretty girl who first needs to have a nice face, a lively look, who loves her body and above all, have a strong pesonality, because I'm looking for a collaborator and not for someone attracted by substancial and quick gains !!

My models are most of the time women with a sober feminity, far away the macho's image of a woman as a doll.

 Desire being your motivation, the mutual arrangement that we'll establish will develop the base of this collaboration. You also need to recognize yourself in my work, and like lingerie, or if you are a "Primark woman" in everyday life, be ready to become a character that you take pleasure playing. To pose is not only staying motionless in front of the lens, but it's doing what you hope to see appear in the image. To pose is to be an actress, with the body as the unique method of communication.

Why only women ? Because you have to love what you do to hope to succeed !!

Because your image belongs to you, the authorization to publish the photos will be done under these conditions :
A/ respecting the integrity of the photos as obtained from the original support. However, it will be possible to do little recentres, not distorting the photo's spirit, as well as technical manipulations linked to the print itself (colours, exposure, contrast, etc...) all other types of modifications need a preliminary agreement on your part.
B/ respecting your moral identity and integrity, more particularly in texts and captions which might accompany the photos.